Silvano Fashion Group

AS Silvano Fashion Group is an international lingerie distribution group involved in design, manufacturing and marketing of women’s lingerie. In addition, the Group provides a limited volume of sewing services to other manufacturers of women’s lingerie.

The Group’s income is generated by sales of “Milavitsa”, “Alisee”, “Hidalgo”, “Lauma Lingerie” and “Laumelle” branded products through wholesales channel, franchised sales and own retail operated under the “Milavitsa” and “Lauma Lingerie” retail chains. Key sales markets for the Group are Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Baltics and other markets.

The manufacturing capacity of the Group is comprised of Milavitsa, a lingerie factory located in Minsk (Belarus) and Lauma Lingerie, a lingerie factory located in Liepaja (Latvia). Multiple production facilities in different countries and a diversified retail chain add versatility and flexibility to the operations of the Group.




As of 31 December 2014 there were altogether 682 Milavitsa and Lauma branded shops. Own retail operations were conducted in Belarus and Latvia. As of the end of 12 months of 2014 the Group operated 66 own retail outlets. As of 31 December 2014, there were 574 Milavitsa branded shops operated by Milavitsa trading partners in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Germany, South Africa, Lithuania, Estonia, Georgia, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Slovenia, Belgium and Italy. Additionally, as of 31 December 2014, there were 42 Lauma Lingerie retail outlets operated by Lauma Lingerie trading partners in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Albania, Uganda and Mongolia.


SP ZAO Milavitsa, established in 1908 and based in Minsk, Belarus, is the largest lingerie sewing factory in Europe. The company manufactures over 20 million lingerie pieces per year, and employs over 1,800 employees.

Milavitsa branded products have the highest brand recognitions in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine and in other countries. Sales are generated through distributors and dealers, with an emphasis placed on sales through own retail chain and Milavitsa franchised stores.


AS Lauma Lingerie, based in Liepaja, Latvia, was established already in 1965. In 2005, the company was re-named to Lauma Lingerie. Its manufacturing capacity is ca 2 million pieces of intimate apparel items per year. The company employs over 260 workers.

Lauma Lingerie is the leader of the intimate apparel industry in the Baltics. Lauma Lingerie produces high ‘value added’ lingerie, focusing on the upper-middle price segment. Quality is owned to the long experience of the company’s in-house designer team. In the CIS markets Lauma has strengthened its client relationships and achieved a good brand recognition for its lingerie products.

As of 31 December 2014, there were 42 Lauma Lingerie retail outlets operated by the Group and franchise partners in the Baltics, Belarus, Russia and many other smaller countries.

Strategic Objectives

The strategic goal of the Group is to become a leading branded lingerie manufacturer and retail operator with strong franchisee partners’ focus in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Baltics, CIS  countries and, in the long term, in countries of Central and Eastern Europe. The Group develops its business model based on vertical integration of retailing and manufacturing functions across a variety of brands and sectors. The Group intends to ensure that most of its products are exclusively available at and sold through the Group’s retail network and franchising network with mark-ups reflecting the positioning and price point of each product. The strategy will eventually increase the overall revenues and profits of the Group and create additional value for its shareholders.
The Group intends to achieve these objectives by rapidly expanding and strengthening its franchising and own retail networks in existing markets, entering new geographical regions, developing intra-group synergies, and pooling resources and know-how between the various Group companies.